Dynamics GP Printer Selection

Posted by Jen Bieker on October 29, 2014

Crestwood Associates Dynamics GP Consultant Tip of the Day:

Customer Problem:  Help!  Every time I try and print a Word Template from Dynamics GP, I select the printer I want in GP, but the report does not go to the printer I selected.  No matter what I try, the Word Template report would only print to my computer’s default printer. 

Solution:  As it turns out, when a Word Template is printed from Dynamics GP, the report itself prints from Word and not GP.  So the printer selected at the time of printing is not used and instead the machine’s default printer is used.  This is not an issue if the report is being auto e-mailed, but for those who print the Word Templates from GP you will either need to be sure to have the correct printer selected as the default printer or print the report to the screen and then print to the correct printer from Word.

Thanks to Jenny, Crestwood Project Manager

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