Dynamics GP Upgrades - Missing Optional Modules

Posted by Ben Borger on July 7, 2015

When upgrading Dynamics GP, especially when you are going up multiple versions, it’s not uncommon to hear a customer missed some of their optional products.  For example, Fixed Assets, Safe Pay, Manufacturing, etc.  The reason is, these types of modules could be installed on any workstation, not the server, so checking the server’s set file isn’t always sufficient.

Here is a query you can use to identify optional products that are installed in a Dynamics GP environment.  This script provides a quick way to identify all products that should be included when building the GP installation template.

Please note that this will not alert you to modules that have no database objects or do not register themselves in DYNAMICS..DB upgrade (for example, Mekorma) but it will make sure you capture all those that do.  Fortunately those that don’t register in DB upgrade typically have their own update process outside GP Utilities.

select distinct PRODID, case PRODID            
when 0       then 'Dynamics'
when 309     then 'Fixed Assets' 
when 346     then 'Manufacturing'
when 414     then 'Human Resources'    
when 1045    then 'Revenue Expense Deferrals' 
when 1058    then 'Cashbook (Bank Management)'
when 1150    then 'Scheduled Instalment'
when 1157    then 'Collections Management'    
when 1235    then 'Safe Pay'     
when 1428    then 'Electronic Reconcile'
when 1472    then 'EFT for Receivables Management'   
when 2150    then 'Payment Document Management'
when 2199    then 'Business Activity Statement'
when 2365    then 'RMS Integration'    
when 2788    then 'Enhanced Intrastat' 
when 3096    then 'VAT Daybook'  
when 3107    then 'Extender'     
when 3180    then 'Analytical Accounting'     
when 3258    then 'Encumbrance Management'    
when 3830    then 'SmartList Builder'  
when 4067    then 'ML Checks'    
when 4100    then 'Perceptiones' 
when 4103    then 'Analisis Crediticio'
when 4350    then 'Document Legales'   
when 4421    then 'Grant Management'   
when 4612    then 'Advanced Go Tos'    
when 4965    then 'Electronic Signatures'     
when 4966    then 'Audit Trails' 
when 5000    then 'Ajustes Por Inflacion AF'  
when 5040    then 'Shipping Documents' 
when 5064    then 'COA'   
when 5373    then 'Taxes and Returns'  
else 'Unknown'           
end as Product ,          
db_verMajor, db_verBuild         
from DYNAMICS..DB_Upgrade
where PRODID not in (949, 1042, 1493, 1632, 1878, 2277, 2416, 2547, 2992, 3104, 3278, 5597, 6499)


Sample Query Result:

If you need more information or assistance with your upgrade process, we are here to help.  Contact Support@Crestwood.com.

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