Problem & Fix: Dynamics GP Year-End Printing 1095-Cs

Posted by Georgia Stewart on December 28, 2015

There has been a problem reported related to printing 1095-Cs.  After you run the Payroll Year-End close and a wage file is created, Dynamics GP is printing a form for all employees, active and inactive, even if the employee was not paid anything in 2015.

There is a script that has been created to remove the employee records of zero amounts from the year-end tables.

Here is the SQL Script:

delete from upr10111
where (MonthofCost_1='0' AND MonthofCost_2='0' AND MonthofCost_3='0' AND MonthofCost_4='0'and
MonthofCost_5='0' AND MonthofCost_6='0' AND MonthofCost_7='0' AND MonthofCost_8='0' AND
MonthofCost_9='0' AND MonthofCost_10='0' and MonthofCost_11='0' AND MonthofCost_12='0' AND
MonthofCoverage_1='0' and MonthofCoverage_2='0' and MonthofCoverage_3='0' and MonthofCoverage_4='0'and
MonthofCoverage_5='0' AND MonthofCoverage_6='0' AND MonthofCoverage_7='0' AND MonthofCoverage_8='0' AND
MonthofCoverage_9='0' AND MonthofCoverage_10='0' AND MonthofCoverage_11='0' AND MonthofCoverage_12='0')
and YEAR1='2015'v


For more information, visit the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community blog post by Terry Heley or contact Crestwood Support at  As always, our support team can assist you with running this script. 

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