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Posted by Jen Bieker on March 25, 2014

Today's marketers need the ability to plan, execute, and measure campaigns easily, from start to finish. Microsoft’s Dynamics Marketing helps you engage your customers as you bring your marketing vision to life.

MarketingPilot was acquired by Microsoft way back in October 2012 and at Convergence this month, Microsoft revealed a totally revamped Marketing Solution, which is set for release this Spring, as part of the “MIRA” release. We saw great demos at Convergence and simply put, it contains the marketing building blocks of analytics, automation, campaigning, and budgeting/cost management all together in a similar look and feel to the CRM user interface.  Dynamics Marketing is being positioned as a complete marketing platform providing new capabilities in campaigns, marketing resources and marketing performance management.

What does this mean for your organization?

1. Fewer people required to manage your marketing
2. Spend less time on activities and more time on innovative work
3. Create a more unified customer experience across all your marketing channels
4. Build your pipeline – advanced lead scoring drives qualified leads right into CRM
5. Easily track your visibility on social media - see more information in Social Listening
6. You gain the competitive advantage

Here’s a preview of the new Dynamics Marketing:

Dashboard & KPI’s

Start off with dashboards including configurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  You can quickly and easily add items to your dashboards with an intuitive wizard.

Navigation & Sitemap

The user interface is familiar – it seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM.  Clicking on an area in the sitemap reveals options and features below.  The sitemap for Dynamics Marketing includes the following areas:  Projects, Marketing Execution, Assets & Media, Budgeting, Performance and Settings

Projects Area

This is what we call your working area.  Manage all your tasks here, assign them, route them, etc.  You can also manage many of the templates you use in your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Execution Area

This might be the area where you will spend most of your time.  Here is where you build your campaigns and then choose the automation features for them.  The new visual campaign designer makes automation and email marketing a snap.  There is some serious automation logic available here for your marketing needs.

Assets & Media Area

Otherwise known as the Marketing Resource Management area, this is where you manage your marketing content such as graphics, video and other files.

Budgeting Area

This area might overlap with your accounting ERP.  Here is where you manage accounting related to marketing.  Your quotes, payments, receipts, etc.

Performance Area

Reports and analytics are found here as well as many other metrics gathered from your marketing campaigns.  Deliver data-driven insights, and prove real Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Make the most of advanced business intelligence (BI) tools (like heat maps and trends) to guide future investments.

Settings Area

For administrators to configure marketing dynamics.

In Summary

Dynamics Marketing is a powerful new huge solution and will definitely give your marketing department a competitive advantage.  It is an external solution (not native to CRM) with a connector to CRM, so it does require a separate login, but will grab data back and forth, working with your CRM data.  It’s definitely geared toward larger top tier organizations, who typically have a marketing staff of 10 or more people.  For small to medium sized businesses, its robust tools can be complicated and expensive as well. 

Crestwood Associates urges you to watch for more information on Dynamics Marketing and how it can turn your marketing department from a cost center into a growth center.  Stay tuned for future blogs and webinars on this powerful new product.

You can also register for a demo from Microsoft at:  http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/offers/crm2013demos/

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