Dynamics SL 2015 New Feature: Invoice Preview

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 16, 2016

Dynamics SL 2015 now includes an invoice preview feature.  Easily preview multiple invoices at the same time, drill down into the batch, and make necessary edits all before printing. 

  • View multiple invoices before sending them out
  • Catch errors and edit invoices while the batch is still open
  • Stop re-printing invoices 

The new invoice preview screen is a combination screen of the QuickQuery and a print preview area.  Take a look at the following screen shot.  On the left is a quick query, pulling all the invoices.  You click or select a line on the left, and the right hand side of the screen gives you a preview of that invoice.



So simple

Because the invoice preview screen is built into the QuickQuery area, you can filter and add where clauses, right here!  View only the records you want.



Dynamics SL also makes it easy to edit invoices directly from the invoice preview area.  In the left hand side, simply right click on a line item in the left and go to the Invoice and Memo.

Want to see for yourself?  Watch this short 3 minute video on Dynamics SL 2015 Invoice Preview

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