Dynamics SL 2015: New Features

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 29, 2014

Are you wondering what’s in store for the new release of Dynamics SL 2015 this fall?  We have the inside scoop from Microsoft on the new version.  Read on about the great new features designed to simplify the way you work and enhance customer options.  And by the way, we heard that the Business Portal in SL is getting the axe.

Here’s are a few of the new features you can expect:

Web Apps: Web Apps will play a big role in SL 2015, replacing the Business Portal. Introduced in Dynamics SL 2011, these apps provide a new way to access and enter data into Dynamics SL. The apps include Project Time Entry, Project Expense, Project T&E Approval, and Project Analyst.  To learn more about web apps, click here.

Basic Resource Planning: An incredible new dashboard will allow you to assign resources to projects and tasks.  You can see availability of resources and projects all in one single view. This helps you to manage project coordination and use your resources efficiently without overburdening them.

ROI/ROIS SRS Email: Added email capability is back! You can now email reports directly from Crystal reports with a click of a button.

Report (ROI) Enhancements: Remember those 8 report formats that you could choose from for your reports, well, now you can use an unlimited number of report formats. Also, if you have a customized report that you use frequently, you can set that report as your default format for future reports. Isn’t that nice?!

Quick Query Enhancements:  Easily connect your data to Excel and use powerful tools like Pivot Tables to analyze your data.

If you would like more information about some of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, contact your account manager today. Or, send us an email at marketing@crestwood.com and we can get you connected with your account manager right away. 

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