Dynamics SL 2015: Quick Query Updates

Posted by Donna Krizik on August 28, 2014

Quick Query is a great way to filter and find data in Dynamics SL 2011.  However, if you use Quick Query, you know there are some annoying limitations that could really use tweaking.  Well good news!  Dynamics SL 2015 has a great new enhancement for Quick Query—the Refresh option.

Currently, in SL 2011, you can run reports through Quick Query and send those reports over to Excel by hitting the Excel icon in the tool bar. Once in Excel you can make additional modifications to your data. Excel is great for that.

The only drawback is that if I share my Excel report with others, the data is static; meaning, the report only has data for the date and time I exported the report.  It would be nice to use the dynamic tools in Excel to refresh my data.  This would eliminate the need for me to do the same report over and over again.

With Dynamics SL 2015 you can create a query table that will allow the Excel spreadsheet to be refreshed over and over again.  I have to say this is one of the things I am most excited about with the new version.

How can you access this feature? It’s pretty simple.

1.       Go to the Quick Query module and open any of your Quick Queries

2.       Next, click on the Excel icon, and select the Query Table from the drop down menu.  The screen you see below to the right will then open up. Make sure “Filtered rows” and “Selected columns” are checked off.  (You may also use the “All rows” and “All columns”  if you’d like to see them all in Excel)

1.       Click Create, the system will then open up your refreshable Excel spreadsheet.

Now you can get the latest, most recent information from Dynamics SL with a simple click. You will never have to export the same data again once you’ve taken data from Grid to Excel.  

But that’s not all, not only can you now refresh your data from the Excel spreadsheet, in Dynamics SL 2015, Quick Query accessibility is also being expanded to Web Apps. You can now use this feature from your mobile device or tablet, on the go! 

Get ready for your Dynamics SL 2015 upgrade today. Want to know what you’ll need in order to prepare? Contact your Client Account Manager at Crestwood today. 

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