Dynamics SL Shipper Doesn’t Close – It’s Stuck

Posted by Gary Korby on September 20, 2016

Occasionally, our Crestwood Support Team receives a call that the Microsoft Dynamics SL Order Management shipper is “stuck” in the Update Shipper step of the process.  In other words, it is stuck open and won’t move to a closed status on the Other Information tab in the Shippers window. 

Here are the steps to close the Shipper in Dynamics SL when it’s stuck:

  1. Stop the Process Manager (40.400.00)
  2. Using SQL Query Analyzer, access the appropriate application database and execute the following SQL script.

       SELECT "exec ADG_Release_For_Update '" + rtrim(CpnyID) + "', '', '" 
       + rtrim(ShipperID) + "'" from SOSHIPHEADER where NextFunctionID = 
       "4043000" and NextFunctionClass = "0200" and ShipperID = (‘<ShipperID>’
  3. Paste the results of the above query (minus the first column header line and the last row count line; i.e., only the lines that start with "exec") into another query window and execute. This should re-queue the affected Shippers for updating.

  4. Start Process Manager (40.400.00) to update the Shippers to a Closed Status.


This is just one fix that our team of Dynamics SL experts can help with.  Send us an email if you have questions or need some assistance.  Support@Crestwood.com

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