Dynamics SL Year End Updates

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 16, 2014

Year-end updates are available now for Dynamics SL.


They are only available for the following versions:

  • Dynamics SL 2015
  • Dynamics SL 2011
    • SP1 (8.01.xxx)
    • FP1 (8.10.xxx)
    • SP2 (8.20.xxx)

Note: If you are not sure what version of Dynamics SL you have, click on "Help" > "About SL" in Dynamics SL. 

What’s in the Year-end Updates?

1099 Form Changes:

  • Box 11 &12 – Foreign Taxes Paid & Foreign Country are no longer used
  • Payer A record – Box 11 is no longer valid

W-2 Electronic File changes (no form changes):

  • Multiple items removed and/or relocated

How To:

  1. Make a current backup
  2. Log into CustomerSource and go to Support > Service Packs or search on Dynamics SL 2014 Year End Updates
  3. Download the appropriate file
  4. Unzip onto your SL application server
  5. Read the PDF!
  6. Run the install EXE file located in the folder for your version

GL Year-End Closing Procedures

AR year-end closing checklist 

AP Year End closing checklist in Microsoft Dynamics SL 

1099 Year End checklist for AP in Microsoft Dynamics SL 

Payroll year-end checklist for Microsoft Dynamics SL 
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/847720  (Included is W-2 Processing and balancing Tips)

And remember, if you need help with year end, please contact Crestwood Associates.  Our experienced consultants can assist you with all you needs.

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