Easy Goal Management for Your Sales Team

Posted by Jen Bieker on August 1, 2016

One of the more powerful features that is underutilized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the use of goals.  Goal management helps keep you and your team on track with objectives and gives you some great insights into your data.

For example, our organization tracks software sales by quarter.  We look at this in terms of number of seats, paid invoices, and revenue, not only for each sales person, but also for the sales manager.

By tracking sales in relationships to goals in Dynamics CRM, our sales team has measurable metrics that shows how close they are to their goals.

Tracking Goals in Dynamics CRM

There are 3 important things in Dynamics CRM in order to use goal management:

  1. Goal – this gives you the either the actual revenue or amounts.
  2. Goal Metric – tells you how your “Goal” is being measured.
  3. Rollup Field – you can have 3 of these to sum up estimated and actual amounts and numbers.

Here’s how to set up Goal Management:

First, under the sales area, go to Goals and then click on “New”

Next, give your goal a name and then associate a specific sales person – goal owner.  Then set up the “Goal Metric”

If you don’t have the metric already set up, you will have to create a new Goal Metric.

Name the new metric, and specify if it is a count or dollar amount to track.  Count means it returns the number of rows entered, not the actual value.  So if you are tracking revenue, you would choose “Amount” and below it, make sure the data type is money.

Then save it.

Next, we will add the rollup fields.  Create a new rollup field and fill in the required information.

Save and close the rollup and also the goal metric window.

The last step is to choose the date period on the goal screen.  Just specify the date period that you want to track and then click on “Recalculate”.


If you have questions, or need help setting up goal management, send us an email at Support@Crestwood.com.  Our team of experts can give you some hands-on help and training.

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