Enhanced Multi-Company features in Microsoft Dynamics SL (Versions 2011 and later)

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on February 17, 2016

Many of us work with multiple companies or divisions and are used to having to log out and log back in to access these different instances.  However, in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 and later versions, functionality was included to make working with multiple companies easier.

These flexible multi-company capabilities allow us to set up multiple companies in one or more databases and do things such as:

all without the need to log in and out again.

Let’s take a look at some of the multi-company features in Dynamics SL:

Color Coding

Companies may now be color coded and logos may be added for each company to the Dynamics SL home screen.  This helps users easily see which company they are currently logged into.

Multiple Screens

Screens can now be opened for multiple companies while using the same login.  Previously, users needed to log in and out of companies and databases in order to open screens.


Now, logging between companies just takes a couple of quick clicks of the mouse.  Simply click in the top right corner on the current company name, and a list of all companies will appear.  Then, select the company you want from that list.  There is no need to close current screens before doing this.


Now, the user can run Dynamics SL reports for select companies or for all companies from within one company.  To do so:

  1. Open any report in Dynamics SL, and click on the last tab “Company Selection”.
  2. Click the radio button “Selected Companies”.
  3. Next, click the “Select” button next to each company you wish to choose (or select all). 


In the example below, it will print a Trial Balance for all 3 companies at the same time.  If you have companies in separate databases, just click the “Report per Company” checkbox.

Please note: The Multi-Company modules is NOT required for these options.


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