Field Service Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted by Jen Bieker on November 20, 2015

As a former Dynamics CRM field consultant, I always felt like there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes, I was traveling to multiple locations across town in the same day. It was a busy job and I found myself always on the phone while driving to customer sites, trying to gather information or report on things I found.

The problem was, we never had enough time to adequately share knowledge across our team. As an “on-the-road” techie, I wish I had today’s Dynamics CRM back then.   

Be More Efficient from the Road with Field Service with Dynamics CRM

Today’s version of Dynamics CRM, with the power of FieldOne’s service capabilities, allows for extremely convenient knowledge transfer and sharing, even from the road. Every field service business needs an effective process in place for capturing and sharing information. In today’s business, customers expect instant access to their information, so having one complete view for everyone in the organization is more important than ever. Sales, customer service, management, marketing, technicians, can all benefit from having a 360 degree view of a customer across your entire business. 

Schedule, Implement and Reschedule with Ease

Let’s not forget about where it all starts – with a work order and an implementation schedule.  

It’s at this beginning point you need to get everything right. Getting the right technicians to the right place, at the right time, with the right tools, all while trying to achieve efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, compliance, etc. Let’s face it, it’s not easy especially if you have manual scheduling tools or fragmented processes. 

With the new FieldOne tools embedded in Dynamics CRM, you now have, at your fingertips:

  • Dynamics Schedule Boards – customize and simultaneously view multiple boards that you can organize by almost any criteria. Then view them by list, map, and hybrid view.
  • Scheduling Assistant – set up business rules to help you allocate resources by any number of categories; such as, skill sets, geography, customer preference, and more.
  • Drag & Drop Assignment – the schedule boards are flexible and allow dispatch to easily assign resources and set up schedules for multiple work orders. Quickly change schedules too in response to emergency situations.

How does Dynamics CRM do it?

With the recent acquisition of FieldOne field service management software, Dynamics CRM has taken their core functionality managing accounts, contacts, activities, leads, opportunities, marketing, and adding the next level. 

FieldOne’s powerful scheduling, dispatch, automated routing, service agreements, knowledge base, mobile tools, portals, and other in-the-field type tools are indispensable to the modern field tech.











Bring this all together, and share the information across your entire organization, and you have the most powerful tool managing the entire cycle from customer acquisition to implementation. 

Think of all the money you will save being able to:

  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Reduce travel times
  • Share information across all departments
  • Increase productivity
  • Together, they are an unstoppable force, taking away your pain points and increasing your bottom line.

Be the Best in the Field

Learn how you can leverage these tools for your service business.  Contact us today at for a free evaluation and a 30 day trial.  Visit our CRM Solutions Webpage for more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

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