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Posted by Jeff Williams, Dev Team Mgr on August 15, 2017

This question came up from a customer recently, and it’s good one - so I wanted to share it.

In Acumatica, on the GL entry screens and grids, users have the ability to create custom “Filters” which show as tabs across the top.   These filters can be shared with other Acumatica users.   However, by default, if you create a new role, the users may not be able to actually save them.  

Here’s the scenario:

  1. User Accesses a screen
  2. User Creates a new “Filter” for themselves
  3. Tab shows on the grid/entry screen
  4. User navigates away from the screen
  5. User navigates back
  6. New filter is gone


The first thing to notice in this condtion, is on the “Filters” menu, the selector at the top for filter selection, make default, is missing.

Here’s what it should look like:

This is the broken screen:

How to set permissions for filters:

In order for users to be able to create filters in Acumatica, users need permissions to the “Filters” screen (located at System -> Customization -> Work Area -> Manage -> Filters).  Giving the role, Delete rights, makes sure they can add/edit/remove their own filters.  If you want to block users from being able to set a filter as “Shared”, here is what I’d recommend:

  • System -> Customization -> Work Area -> Manage -> Filters    =  Delete
  • System -> Customization -> Work Area -> Manage -> Filters -> Filter Header  = Delete
  • System -> Customization -> Work Area -> Manage -> Filters -> Filter Header -> Is Shared = Revoked


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