Finding and Correcting Errors Using Batch Edit Lists in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on January 28, 2016

It happens to everyone. While in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you post a batch, and it fails. So, how do you get the batch back, how do you find the error that caused the batch to fail, and how do you correct the problem?  This tutorial is intended to guide you through all these questions.

You’ve encountered this issue before: “Transaction Error – Edit Required”.

If you try to open the batch at this stage, you get the error message: “You cannot edit the batch or transactions in this batch. Use the Batch Recovery window to continue processing this batch”.

To fix this error, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu > Tools > Routines > Batch Recovery. This will prompt a Batch Recovery window to open. The window displays the Transaction Error batches that need to be recovered.

To recover the batch, check the appropriate box next to the batch and select Continue. Doing so will recover the batch and allow the user to regain access upon returning to the appropriate batch window.

Please Note: At this point, do not attempt to post that batch again just yet! 

Before posting the batch, the user first needs to find out why the batch errored out. To do so, the user needs to run a simple Edit List which display the errors associated with batches:

  1. First, choose the correct batch from the available list of batches.
  2. Next, select Print.
  3. Send the report to the Screen (recommended), Printer, or a File location.
  4. An Edit List will now print detailing all of the errors associated with the batch.

**Helpful tip: In large batches, use Ctrl + F and search for ‘err’ to find error messages**

As an example, the error highlighted below states: “Debit and credits do not balance; please check your entries”.

When the user accesses the Transaction Entry to check the debits and credits, they will see an unbalanced journal entry and an uncompleted credit entry.

Only upon balancing the journal entry will the user be able to post the batch.

At this point, we suggest rerunning the edit list to verify that there are no remaining issues. If there are no issues, the batch can be posted.

  • Other possible reasons that a batch may not post properly are:
  • Batch debits and credits do not balance
  • The user is trying to post to a fiscal period that is closed or doesn’t exist
  • One of the GLs the user is posting to is not active
  • Currency ID associated with a GL is either incorrect or not set up
  • Other transaction level errors

Although this process will not catch incorrect Vendor IDs or GL numbers, it can prevent lots of headaches by reducing or eliminating batch posting errors prior to attempting to post the batch.


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Submitted By: Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst

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