Formatting Whole Numbers in Dynamics CRM

Posted by Brenda Senger on October 10, 2016


The information I am tracking in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are large numbers.  But I don't want to show the commas?  Can I do that?


Removing commas, along with other number formats can be found in the settings area - currency, time, date, etc.  Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Settings / Options in the upper right corner of your Dynamics CRM window.

  2. Go to the formats tab at the top and then click on the customize button.

  3. Next, select the digits group and pick the number without commas. Then click on OK.


There's a couple things to note about using these formatting options.  First, these format options are set up initially by the global Dynamics CRM settings.  Other users will still see the commas because initially their personal options is set based on the global system settings. If you've configured the system settings to remove the commas, new users that are added to the system won't see the commas. For the existing users, you might need to tell them to update their personal settings to remove the commas in the Digit Group format.

Second, take a look at the other options in here for currency, time, and date.  Some of those format options might be more relevant to you.  If you have further questions, please send us an email at

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