Get a Handle on Project Management with Spitfire

Posted by Jen Bieker on October 1, 2014

Here at Crestwood, we are always looking for great quality products to enhance your Dynamics SL system.  If you do a lot of project management or construction, you need to take a closer look at Spitfire’s Project Management Software.  It is an amazing product and integrates seamlessly into Dynamics SL with collaboration capabilities, complete project cost accounting, and integrated financial accounting.

When looking for project management tools, we like to compare them on the following 8 qualities.  Here’s how spitfire measures up.

  1. Integration – seamlessly transfers data within project modules.
  2. Visibility – easily see data at different levels with filters, versions, and custom reports.
  3. Control – role based with different levels of access depending on assigned role.
  4. Automation – wonderful, with lots of options to make recurring tasks automated.
  5. Ease-of-use – once the systems is setup, many things are automated.
  6. Flexibility – handles all aspects of a project; therefore, can be used in any way needed.
  7. Remote Access – can be accessed on mobile devices – iPads and Androids.
  8. Presentation – user designed templates can create a common look and feel for your business.

Overall, we are thrilled to partner with Spitfire and be able to bring you this tool.

Call us today and talk to your Crestwood Account Manager for more information and a free demo.

"The business workflow in the Spitfire Project Management System has allowed for central control of project information. Now everyone is able to maintain documents and other related information. Spitfire's construction project management software has kept us all on the same page and increased our level of project management without increasing administrative duties."- Mark E. Fuller, V.P., Cloud Construction Co., Inc.

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