Going Paperless with Dynamics GP

Posted by Donna Krizik on September 30, 2013

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzzwords “Going Paperless” or “Document Management” at least a few times lately.

And it seems like more and more businesses are jumping on board with the paperless movement these days. So what’s the big deal? Why should you care?

There are lots of reasons you should keep document management, or paperless solutions on your radar.

Storing paper is expensive.

Consider just the repository aspect of document management for now. Think of all the costs that go into storing paper: the paper itself, ink, toner, file cabinets, staples, paperclips, files, labels, office space, off-site storage – the list goes on, and the costs continue to go up the more paper you process. Meanwhile, electronic storage is getting cheaper and cheaper. You can buy a terabyte of storage today for less than $100, which can hold about 1,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Routing paper is inefficient.

You probably use a large selection of different documents in your organization in all of the individual departments. Many of those departments have approval processes for documents like purchase orders or invoices, for example. Your process now might include walking over to set a paper on someone’s desk, waiting for them to see it and act on it, or worse, shipping it to someone who is in another office and waiting for it to be shipped back.

If someone is out of the office, or that paper gets buried, it might be a long time before that process is completed. And if the document gets lost, the team will lose visibility to that action item altogether. If your process is electronic instead, everyone has visibility to a document’s status at any given time (as long as they have the proper security rights.) You can even set up email notifications to alert you when a document’s status changes or if it has been held up too long.

Mail and courier costs add up.

Think of every time you send a document outside your organization. There is a cost to print the document itself along with the postage fees or courier fees, which can add up very quickly. So maybe you decide to try to scan them in and send them by email instead if you can. But how do you keep track of who accepts emailed documents and who still requires them mailed? And how long will it take you to compose all of those separate emails and pull the copies out of the batch sent to the printer?

Enter Document Management:  doc-link by Altec

Many of our customers have embraced going paperless, and Doc-Link is one of the ways we recommend they accomplish that.

Think how great it would be to just hit print for a batch of documents and the system would automatically create an email to the proper contact with the document attached, or send it to the printer with any other documents they requested collated right behind it.

Going paperless with the latest technology not only makes your life easier, but ends up saving you loads of time and money.

Contact us to take a look at doc-link, Integrated Document Management for Dynamics and we’ll get you started on the path towards your paperless progress! Check our events page often to see upcoming free webinars. 847-394-8820 ext 47

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