GP Integration error: Integration Cannot Be Run

Posted by Donna Krizik on July 24, 2013

Source queries and/or Relationships are incomplete.

If you are running into this error, there is good news! It's often pretty simple to troubleshoot.

Situation: You were able to run an integration last week. It suddenly stopped working today. You get the message below when you try to run the integration.

You get this Internal Error message when you click “Query Relationship”.

If you click on <<Details above, you may get a third error: the dreaded “Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application.” 

Cause:  You will get this error when the source data has changed.

You either are using the wrong file or the file that was used when the integration was created has been changed.

Solution:  Find a file from the last day the integration was working correctly and compare that to the file that you are using today!

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Contributed by: Carolyn Grady, MCTS & Gerry Weiler, MBSS, CSC

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