Historical Inventory Trial Balance (HITB) Report - Wrong Stock Count: Quantity off by 1 row

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 4, 2014

Overview:  The HITB report was designed with reconciling to the General Ledger.  It provides a current and historical value of your inventory items.  This way you can go back to a particular date and see what the value and quantity of your inventory was.  

To print this report from the Reports menu point to Inventory and then choose Activity reports.  "Historical IV Trial Balance" should be the last one listed.  If you do not see it, then you must go through an IV reset process in order to "activate" HITB so that you can start capturing this data.

Issue:  When running the HITB report it appears that the stock count is off one (1) line in the report.  For example, the quantity on hand (U Of M) for item #2 is showing up on line 3 with item #3 and so on.

Solution: The wrong display type was selected for the Quantity (U Of M) field.  If the U of M field is in one of the footers of the report, and the display type is Data, the value for the next record will show.  If it's not a sum or running total, then the correct display type should be Previous Occurrence.

Report Field Options Data     Report Field Options Previous Occurrence


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