Hotfix Recommendations for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Posted by Jen Bieker on January 25, 2016

There’s a long list of fixes out on Microsoft’s CustomerSource for Dynamics SL 2015 CU1, somewhere around 70 of them.  If you’re having a specific problem, great – find the fix and apply it.  But what if you aren’t having any problems?  Should you still apply all these fixes?  Or maybe you’re wondering which ones are most important?

Crestwood has the answers!

Tiffany, one of our Crestwood Dynamics SL gurus, filled us in on the nitty gritty, and we are sharing with you.  Here are our recommendations:

1. Apply all the hotfixes if you are upgrading Dynamics SL for the modules you use.

2. If you’re not experiencing any problems, you don’t need to apply the hotfixes.

3. However, many of these fix common issues we see on a daily basis that would apply to almost everyone. So depending on which modules you use -- Cash Manager, Customization Manager, Order Management, etc., you might consider applying the hotfixes on a routine basis.

Must Haves - 5 key fixes:

No matter what, Tiffany recommends you apply these 5 most common Dynamics SL 2015 fixes.


If you have further questions, or need assistance with any of the Dynamics SL hotfixes, contact our support team at

Recommendations By: Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant

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