How Dynamics CRM Helps Financial Institutions

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 20, 2014

Financial institutions face many challenges every year. Customers are much more cautious with their money today. Not only that, financial institutions face the challenge of keeping up with the growth of social and mobile technologies as well as the cloud while still protecting customers’ privacy. This is where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in.

Transform your business from a transaction-centric business to a customer-centric business; and provide a more superb customer service experience in the process.  I know it sounds buzzword-y, but meeting your customers were they are (social media, online, at home) has never been more critical to business success. Microsoft knows it, and Dynamics CRM is built for it.

Here are just a few of the ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps your company up to speed, in compliance and set apart from other companies.

  • 360˚ customer view – Get a full picture of what type of customers you have and what their exact needs and wants are with Dynamics CRM.  For example, keep track of when families expand and send out information regarding any new savings opportunities your financial institution may have to offer for college funds, weddings, etc. 

  • Make their experience more personal and relevant – With your 360˚ view of your customers, you can delight your customers and keep them coming back to you. Do a quick “Advanced find” in Dynamics CRM and pull up all your customers with October birthdays. Send out personalized birthday cards from your financial institution. Who doesn’t like getting acknowledged on their birthday?!
  • Operational efficiencies – Dynamics CRM is a natural tool that keeps things simple. The easy to use framework will allow your team members to work efficiently and not spend a lot of time working and spend more time interacting with your customers, allowing them to build a greater customer experience.


  • Social & Mobile technology – Social and mobile technology is everywhere! Stay on top of technology and allow your team members to connect with their highly-connected customers in their channel of choice with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.  With Dynamics Marketing, banks can accomplish specific targeting of their marketing efforts, measure ROI and so much more.  Banks can also be mobile while in their branch by by using tablets in the lobby. This gives immediate access to customer accounts and current offers that may be available, providing relevant and timely sales opportunities.

  • Ongoing innovation – Keep up with compliance requirements and stay in the safety zone for audits. With Dynamics CRM you can create a framework that will allow your financial institution to keep developing as industry specific solutions change.

To learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for the banking industry. Download Microsoft’s free eBook here

“In an industry as competitive and dynamic as financial services, any business that ceases to innovate ceases to grow.” – Deloitte 2013 Capital Markets Outlook

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