How to Attach Documents in Microsoft Dynamics SL

Posted by Tiffany Bennett, Senior Consultant on August 18, 2016

Attachments can be very helpful within SL screens.  For example, you can attach a file that contains a vendor’s invoice to its corresponding Accounts Payable voucher.  Or, you can attach a vendor’s contract to their Vendor record.  No matter what you attach, a data item can hold multiple files.

Source document files are stored on a SharePoint site or to a network folder.  The links between data items and their source document files are stored within Dynamics SL.  If the links between data items and their source documents are removed, the source document files are not deleted from the external location.  Source document files must be maintained from the SharePoint site or network folder.

Setting up Attachments in Dynamics SL: It’s Easy!

Setting up attachments for the Dynamics SL screens is an easy process.  Follow the guide below to see how: 

1)  Under the Administration module group, click on Attachments Configuration located under the Maintenance section:

2) To enable attachments for a particular screen, you must enter the following values:

  • Select the Screen radio button.
  • Press F3 while in the Screen field, and select the screen for which you would like to add attachments.  In this example, we are selecting 03.270.00 for Vendor Maintenance.
  • Press F3 while in the Table field, and select the table that is associated with this screen, at the proper level.  (Hint:  You can use Customization Manager on a screen to figure out which tables it uses).  In this example, VENDOR.
  • Mark any options you wish to disable in the Options section.
  • In the Upload Destination section, you have 3 options:

- Use Doc Share Settings: Select to store source document files on the SharePoint site or document library that is defined for the Entity and Doc Type on SharePoint Site Configuration (98.360.00).

- Existing SharePoint Document Library: Select to store source document files on a SharePoint document library.

- Existing Folder Location: Select to store source document files on a network folder.  This must be a UNC path, not a mapped drive.


How to tell if Files are attached

Source document files are attached to data items by using the Attachments option on the Notes/Attachments icon on data entry screens. The Notes/Attachments icon appears differently when source document files or a note are attached to data items.

From the Vendor Maintenance screen, you can now click the Notes icon to add/view/delete attachments. 

Here’s what the Attachments screen looks like. Notice the convenient document preview at the bottom of the screen!

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