How to Back up and Restore a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica

Posted by Mike Aichinger on December 22, 2015

Many Acumatica users create their own custom queries, lists or lookups, called Generic Inquiries. These queries help you to easily find exactly the set of data you want to see; for example, sales information, vendor invoices, etc. This powerful Generic Inquiry tool allows users just like you, to create lists of data with a simple graphical interface, no more waiting for a dev guy to help you! With this built-in Acumatica feature, you can see tables and field names, easily join the data together, and then apply filtering, sorting, and grouping options.

Typically, these Generic Inquiries in Acumatica are saved to be used and run, over and over again. When working with Generic Inquiries, it is always best practice to make a back-up of the query or inquiry settings. Doing so will not only protect your system from data loss but will also allow easy transition if the system needs to be restored or moved. Additionally, you can use your queries to take data from Acumatica ERP and expose it to OData clients, such as Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel.

In this guide, you will learn to:
Back-up a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica
Restore a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica

Steps to Back-up a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica:

1. In the toolbar highlighted below, select the clipboard icon (located after the “+”)

2. Next, select “Export as XML” option. This action will keep all the tables, relationships, parameters and conditions together

3. Depending on your browser, the Save options might vary. In Internet Explorer, you will be prompted with a “Save As” option

4. Save your file under the appropriate folder. Your backup is complete

How to Restore a Generic Inquiry in Acumatica

There are instances when you might need to restore your Generic Inquiry in Acumatica or use your query in Microsoft Excel or Power BI. Acumatica makes it simple with the .xml backup file.

1. First open the Generic Inquiry form in Acumatica

2. Next, select the “+” button also known as the “Add New Record” button

3. Select the “Import from XML” option highlighted below

4. Use the “Browse” button to locate the backup .xml file you previously saved

5. Once located, select “Upload”

6. Now, you should have all the Generic Inquiry information in the screen and it’s ready to run

7. Make sure to give proper security settings to your Generic Inquiry

Taking these easy steps will give you peace of mind in case of system failures and make your restore process easy.

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