How to Change an Inventory Site in Dynamics GP

Posted by David Gigear, Senior Consultant on March 21, 2017

Included in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Professional Services Toolkit Library (PSTL).  This adds a lot of powerful functionality to help you solve common business problems.

One of the tools is the Inventory Site Combiner.  It allows you to combine site/location codes without losing any data.  Let’s say you created an inventory location and you can no longer use it for whatever reason. 

Here’s how:

Go to the PSTL and click on the Inventory Site Combiner.

In this example, I am going to change R-FLOOR to BELLE.

First, before you run the Inventory Site Combiner, make sure you removed any transfer from BELLE to R-FLOOR and vice versa from the history tables (IV30200 and IV30300). Once the transfers are removed from history, just click Convert.

Note:  This does not affect any GL reports.

If you have further questions on any of the PSTL tools, send us an email at and we can help you out.

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