How to Exclude Inactive Accounts in Management Reporter

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 27, 2014

The Exclude Inactive Accounts check box in the Management Reporter Report Definition requires some knowledge of how your report Row Definition works in conjunction with your account format in Dynamics GP.

 To view these settings follow these steps:

  1. Open the Report Definition,
  2. Click the Settings tab,
  3. Select Other, and
  4. Click the Additional Options tab. 

When an account is marked as inactive in Microsoft Dynamics GP, all of the accounts with the same main account number will be considered inactive in Management Reporter 2012 if the Exclude Inactive Accounts box is marked.

For example, in Dynamics GP there is an account with a full account number of 00-1100-320. This account is marked inactive. The main account segment is 1100. There is another account with a full account number of 00-1100-420. This account is considered active in Microsoft Dynamics GP. If the Exclude Inactive accounts checkbox is selected when you generate a report that includes the main account number of 1100 in the row definition, both of the 1100 accounts will return a result of zero.

 There are two options to resolve this.

 Option 1: Leave the Exclude Inactive Accounts check box unchecked in the Additional Options of the Report Settings.

  1.  In the Report Designer, select Report Definitions in the navigation section, and double click to open the Report Definition.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Other, and then click Additional Options. Clear the check box next to Exclude Inactive Accounts.
  3. Click OK, save the report definition, and then generate the report.

  Option 2: Leave the account active in Dynamics GP.

  1.  In Microsoft Dynamics GP, click Cards, click Financial and then click Account.
  2. Search for the account number and then clear the Inactive check box. Make sure the option Allow Account Entry is not marked. This option will adjust the account so that it is no longer marked as inactive, but transactions cannot be posted to the account within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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