How to Save Time with Macros in Dynamics GP

Posted by Donna Krizik on August 13, 2013

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time creating master records in GP and selecting the same information each time?

If so, creating a GP macro may save you valuable time!  An example of GP information repeatedly entered each time a new master record is created is the Item information.  Once the Item Number, Description, and the required information on the Item Maintenance window is entered, the Price List, Site assignment, and Purchasing Options are always the same.  To save time during this setup process, you can easily record a macro that records your keystrokes and mouse clicks.  The macro can then be added to the shortcuts pane in GP and linked to a hot key to make running even easier.  Here are a couple quick steps to do this.

  1. Create a new item and enter the information on the Item Maintenance window.  Before using your Go To and opening the next setup window, click on Tools >> Macro >> Record

  1. Enter the name for the macro and the location to save

  1. Enter the required information for the item (Price List, Site Assignment, Purchasing Option, etc.).  As these options are entered, the macro is recording the selections.

  1. When done entering the information, click on Tools >> Macro >> Stop Record

  1. On the shortcuts pane in GP, right click and select Add >> Add Macro

  1. Enter a name for the macro, Browse out and find the file location (from step 2) and assign a keyboard shortcut

Now, when a new item is created, instead of clicking through each additional setup window, simply click the F2 button and the information will be entered for you!

Please note, this setup is by machine. The macro can be copied, but the setup options will need to be entered for each GP user.

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Contributed by: Jenny Welsh, Senior Dynamics GP Consultant


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