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Posted by Jen Bieker on January 7, 2015

Microsoft just released their new version of Dynamics GP, called Dynamics GP 2015 along with their roadmap through 2016+.  It is very impressive and exciting.  Not only do they take Dynamics GP to the next level with 2015, look at what they are predicting for the next 2 scheduled releases of Dynamics GP 2015, R2 and R3.  Right at the top of the list, Top Features Requested by Customers - we can't wait to see what they are! 

Sometimes, new features information can get a little technical and long; but don’t worry, we’ve boiled it down to what you really need to know and benefits, like workflows, Business Analyzer, Identity Management version 2, and a brief summary of service based architecture, which will expand the reach and depth of Microsoft Dynamics GP and change the way we work forever!

Dynamics GP 2015 Key Benefits

1. Workflow V2 (Expanded workflows) help streamline financial, purchasing, sales, payroll, and project expense related approvals. 
Workflow Version 1 was first released in Dynamics GP 2013 R2.  It gives users the ability, right within Dynamics GP to create approval processes for a document, master record, or both.  It allows the user to define how one of those items flows through the system by showing who must approve it, and the conditions under which they must approve it.  Workflows can save time, reduce errors, and create consistency within your accounting team. 

Since its release, Dynamics GP customers have been asking for more workflow options.  Now in 2015, users have many more enhanced workflow options.  Here’s the list of enhancements for Dynamics GP 2015:
• GL Batch Approval
• Payables Batch Approval
• Vendor Approval
• Receivables Batch Approval
• Employee Skills Approval
• Direct Deposit Approval
• Employee Profile Approval
• W4 Approval
• Project Expense Report Approval

Dynamics GP 2015 has expanded workflows in the financial, purchasing, sales, payroll, and project expense areas and there is more scheduled to come in the 2015 R3 version.  For more information on setting up and using workflows in Dynamics GP, download the workflow administration guide.  

2. Business Analyzer (BA) Release 7 – includes a “companion” tablet application now available from any of the Windows, iOS, and Android app stores.  In addition to the cross platform versions, users can now add any Management Reporter (MR) report to the app start page and the ability to view reports in the MR HTML viewer.

If you’re not familiar with BA, you should see for yourself how powerful this tool can be for your business.  Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer provides a dashboard where you can view and interact with reports, charts, or KPIs for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.  Whether you are in the office or on the go you can discover and interact with your favorite charts and financial reports or collaborate and share insights to help drive decisions more quickly.  Watch this short 2 minute video to learn about the power of BA7.

3. Single sign on for users, also known as, Identity Management V2, helps users work seamlessly across Microsoft Dynamics GP, Office 365, and other cloud-based applications.  This group of enhancements will improve how you log into applications, effect how an administrator manages Dynamics GP users and will help support Service Based Architecture (SBA).  For example, now in Dynamics GP 2015, you can log into the web client using organizational account credentials (Azure AD account).

4. Service based architecture (SBA) – SBA provides services for many developers to use for Dynamics GP.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, in all the other versions of Dynamics GP, integration of data was done in one or both of 2 ways; either through Integration Manger, or using eConnect.  Both of these tools are very technical and require specialized skills from a shrinking pool of developers, tend to be more prone to bugs, and don’t always include Dynamics GP business logic. 

But now with a shift to using service based architecture (SBA), a larger pool of developers can connect to your Dynamics GP data without the costly extra Dynamics GP licenses.  This development feature will let you access your data from anywhere at any time, and from multiple devices. 

For example, you can design an app to post an inventory batch in Dynamics GP 2015 from any platform.  Just think of the increased efficiency for a warehouse with connected devices giving real time inventory visibility.  In other words, endless possibilities. 

Want to find out more about Dynamics GP 2015? 

Download the free Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Capabilities Guide or watch for upcoming Dynamics GP 2015 webinars from Crestwood Associates.


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