Just a Click Away – Excel Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Jason Barton, Project Manager on July 7, 2016

If you have Dynamics GP 2013 R2 or a newer version and you haven’t seen the built-in Excel dashboard reports, you need to read this!  These dashboards show you key information at a glance and have drill-down capabilities embedded in them.  There are dashboards available in the financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory modules. Here are two sample reports.  

How to Access the Excel Dashboard Reports 

First, go to the Navigation Pane window for Financial, Sales, Inventory, or Purchasing Modules.  Once there, simply select your Excel Reports link on the shortcut bar.

To find the dashboard for your particular module, you can either scroll down until you find Dashboard or you can use the filter feature in the top right-hand corner of the report screen and type in “dash” or something similar. This will shorten up the results so you see only the relevant reports. 

To open the dashboard, simply select the Report and choose View on the header to open.

The dashboard report will open in Excel.  You can view, edit, and drill into the data from here. You can also save the report to any file location you want. The best part? Once you save the reports, you can share them with others and they do not need to be a GP user to access the reports. This easy access makes them great for executive or managers. Since the reports are Excel files with links to live data, every time you open one, you can click on Refresh and the data will update.  You can also drill into the individual data points - see the sheet tabs are across the bottom?  Just click on any link in the sheet and you can view the actual Dynamics GP data.

Additionally, you can customize and create your own dashboard reports in Excel.

If you are interested in learning how to create your own Excel-based reports in Dynamics GP, including custom dashboards, send us an email at Marketing@Crestwood.com

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