Lead/Contact Duplicate Detection in Acumatica

Posted by Donna Krizik on October 2, 2015

Acumatica is a powerful and flexible cloud-based ERP and CRM for small and mid-sized businesses.

Managing duplicate records is an inherent issue for any ERP/CRM.

If your company uses Acumatica’s Customer Management module, there is a feature you can enable in Common Settings to prevent having duplicate Leads or Contacts.

How to prevent duplicate Leads or Contacts in Acumatica

To enable this feature, go to:

Common Settings > Licensing > Enable/Disable Features > Customer Management > Lead/Contact Duplicate Validation

Once the feature is enabled, go to the Customer Management module and check the Customer Management Preferences form. You will see a new tab on it with the name of
Duplicate Validation Settings.

Duplicate lead detection in Acumatica

In this new tab there are 2 check boxes (highlighted above) to validate the Leads/Contacts and Accounts on Entry.

Additionally, you can set up the specific rules to be used when running the validation, and weight them, so that only those that meet your combination of criteria are flagged as duplicates in Acumatica. Those rules are based in the Score Threshold specify for Leads, Contacts or Accounts.

Values of Lead and Contact Validation Scores

In the top section of the image, the Lead and Contact Validation Score Threshold has a value of 3. This value will be exceeded when the system detects that I have 2 leads or contacts with same First and Last name, because those weights would add up to 5. The system will show a status of either Validated or Possible Duplicated for each record.

Validating and Processing Duplicate Records in Acumatica

Once you complete the setup in the Customer Management Preferences form, you have to run the Validation:

Customer Management > Processes > Daily > Validate Leads and Contacts

You can run the Validation either for New Records Only or All Records.

You can change the Threshold value in the same form if needed. And then click on the Process All icon.

Validate for duplicate leads in Acumatica

This is how the Acumatica screen looks when the validation process is completed.

Validate leads and contacts in Acumatica

Cleaning Duplicate Records in Acumatica

In the Leads inquiry form you can check the possible duplicate records (see highlighted items below).

Identify duplicate leads in Acumatica

Double click over one of those records will open the Leads form and you will see the Possible Duplicate Status on it.

Identify duplicate records in Acumatica

So now you have identified the duplicate records and can take the appropriate action to clean the list!

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Submitted by: Francisco Cazarin, Acumatica Consultant

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