Management Reporter 2012 Not Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics GP & SQL Server 2016

Posted by Brandon Richards, Implementation Manager on July 1, 2016


While working on a recent customer project, we ran into an error trying to get MR 2012 CU15 working with Dynamics GP 2016 and SQL Server 2016. 

"Couldn’t retrieve the list of available databases.  The connection attempt failed."

This occurred after MR services were installed and working, and would happen when either the Dynamics GP Legacy or Data Mart adapters were selected. 

Searching for information everywhere for this error led us to the following page from the Dynamics GP Blogster.

The error message was the same, but the issue was completely different from what he had encountered.  However, the details he had uncovered made sense. 


Dynamics GP2016 installed the Dexterity Shared Components for Dynamics GP2016, but MR CU15 was released prior to Dynamics GP 2016 so the version of the Dexterity Shared Components it was looking for was from Dynamics GP2015.  So, we located a Dynamics GP 2015 R2 installation, went to the “redist\DexteritySharedComponents” folder and installed it.  Then closed out of the MR configuration console and went back in.  Voila – We were able to add the Dynamics GP Legacy or Data Mart. 

Note – be sure to exit the MR configuration console after installing the Dynamics GP 2015 Dexterity Shared Components or else you will continue to get the error.

To confirm this was the problem and fix, we tested it.  We removed the Dynamics GP 2015 Dexterity Shared Components and the error came back.  We then installed it again and no error. 

This will be likely be encountered with any Dynamics GP 2016 installs with MR 2012 CU15.  Hopefully Microsoft will fix it in a future release.

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Thank you! This did the trick!

By George on Jan. 25, 2017

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