Management Reporter: Amounts in Report Viewer Aren’t Correct or Are Doubling

Posted by Donna Krizik on August 18, 2013

We recently received a question from a client who indicated that Management Reporter did not appear to be calculating correctly.

They specifically questioned two rows that showed amounts in the Report Viewer and they were certain that no transactions had been processed for the GL accounts that made up the rows in question.

To troubleshoot this issue, we went to the transaction details in the Report Viewer.  Management Reporter allows you to drill into transaction details in the Report Viewer to determine what transaction amounts make up a row.

To see the transaction details, set the Detail Level in the Report Definition to Financial, Account, & Transaction. You also need to be sure that you have a column defined for the current period so that you can drill into the transactions for the period.

We ran the report and then opened it in the Report Viewer. The two rows that our client was questioning showed the same dollar amount, which happened to be double the amount of another row that the client said was correct.

When we looked at the Row Definition we noted that the Salaries and wages row and the Payroll Taxes row showed that ranges of accounts had been specified for a single account.

When we opened the window to review how the row link was defined we saw the following for the salaries and wages:

The Row Definition appeared to have ranges of accounts where there were really only single accounts.

We changed the Row Definition to remove the ranges for the single accounts for the Salaries and Wages row and the Payroll Taxes row:

When we generated the report and looked at it in the Report Viewer, the changes to the Row Definition fixed the issue. The Report Viewer now looks like it should:

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Contributed by:  Georgia Stewart, Senior GP Consultant

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