Management Reporter Error: Evaluation Period Has Expired

Posted by Juliet Constantino on March 24, 2014

If you have run across this error, read on because we have a solution!

Issue: When launching Management Reporter, you get the message that “the evaluation period has expired.  You must enter a valid license key”.  And the only option is to click OK and then you are immediately kicked out of MR. There is no option to select a company or access the registration window in order to enter a new registration key, so you are completely stuck.

Solution:  Try this easy way (and possibly the only way) to get around it by removing the evaluation key directly from SQL server:

  delete [ManagementReporter].[dbo].[License]

After you run this you can now open Management Reporter and go to Tools>Registration to enter a new License Key. When a valid License Key is entered Management Reporter is fully functional again. Voila!

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