Management Reporter (MR) Connection Error

Posted by Lauren Christoff on November 3, 2015


We have a customer who is unable to connect to Management Reporter due to changing their domain User ID associated with the MR services.

The Fix:

There are a couple options to fix this connection error: 

Remove the application and process services using the console under a domain admin account, then redeploy them with the new credentials.This will register the new service principal names (SPNs) automatically.

Or, if you have a more complicated setup and environment, you can create an SPN on the computer for the domain account running the MR Service.  To create an SPN for this domain account, run the Setspn tool at a command prompt on the MR server with the following commands:

  • setspn -S HTTP/MRservername domain\customAccountName
  • setspn -S HTTP/MRservername.fullyqualifieddomainname domain\customAccountName


  • "MRservername" should be replaced with the MR server name where the MR Application Service is installed.
  • "MRservername.FullyQualifiedDomainName" should be replaced with the fully qualified domain name of the MR server where the MR Application Service is installed.

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