Management Reporter (MR): How-to Setup Departmental Reporting with Row Links

Posted by Mike Gordon, CPA, MCP on March 17, 2016

Do you need multiple financial statements for multiple departments? Do you need to see a different set of accounts on the same line?

Many organizations that have multiple departments have more complex reporting requirements. Learn how to create departmental reporting in Management Reporter (MR).

1. Make sure the companies are setup in Management Reporter. ​

2. Verify that the segment names are the same. 

3. Create a row definition with Multiple Links as shown below. 

4. Setup a reporting tree that references the row link row.  On each branch of the tree you can set what financial dimension link you want to use.

5. Now, report each department in a different column.  Just setup a column definition that specifies your department as below.

6. Last, setup a Report definition as below. You will need to check the box to say, use definition from reporting tree.

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