Management Reporter (MR) Report Viewer vs. Web Viewer

Posted by Jen Bieker on March 18, 2016

As of MR RU5, the web viewer is set to be the default.  But, did you know you have more options available when using MR as your default report viewer rather than your web browser?  


MR Report Viewer Web Viewer
  • Full report library - including versions
  • Opens current report
  • Create charts
  • View charts
  • Add/view comments
  • Add/view comments
  • Drill down to transaction level
  • Drill down to account level
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • More features than Web viewer
  • Features added with each update

If your reports ever look like this one below, you might need to switch your default report viewer to the Management Reporter viewer. 

How to set up your default viewer in MR:

Here's how to change your default viewer to the Management Reporter Viewer. In MR, go to Tools/Options and add the checkmark for "Use Management Reporter Viewer as default viewer."

Remember, make sure when set up your reports, you test them to work in both viewers. Sometimes because of the differences, they don't display the same. If you have further questions on MR reports or viewers, or need help with custom reports, email our team of experts at

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