Management Reporter: Reports Stuck in Queue

Posted by Donna Krizik on August 13, 2013

If you’ve ever had the frustrating experience of having MR reports stuck in the queue, keep reading!

There are several reasons why this might happen and a few different methods you can use to correct the issue.

Stop and Start MR Services

If you are using Management Reporter 2012, stopping and starting the MR services is done in the Management Reporter Configuration Console, which will most likely be found on the SQL Server machine in the Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > Management Reporter 2012 > Configuration Console. You need to stop both the Application Service and the Process Service, then start them again.

Check the Event Viewer

Also, you should look in the SQL Server machine’s Event Viewer to see what error messages have occurred for the Management Reporter application. You may also see errors in the Logs in the Management Reporter Configuration Console.

If the Management Reporter Process Service is on the same machine as the machine hosting your Management Reporter SQL database, the Process Service may have ‘errored out’ by attempting to start before SQL Server was accepting connections. In the SQL Server machine’s Services in Control Panel, you can set the two Management Reporter services to Automatic (Delay Start). Then stop the Process Service and start it again.

Manually Remove Reports in Queue

Management Reporter stores reports that are in the queue in a table in the ManagementReporter database in SQL. To manually remove reports that are stuck in the queue, use these SQL scripts, highlight the ManagementReporter database and click New Query in SQL Management Studio.

select * from repository where StatusType = 30

-- StatusType is equal to 30 indicates that the report is in the queue. Verify that the record(s) is for the correct report.

-- Run the Delete statement below for each report that you want to remove from the queue.

delete repository where StatusType = 30 and Name = 'ReportName'

--where 'ReportName' is the report you want to remove from the queue.

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Contributed by Michael Gordon, Senior Dynamics GP Consultant

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