Microsoft Convergence 2015 Recap –Dynamics CRM Administration

Posted by Jen Bieker on April 22, 2015

We are always excited to share the new features and improvements in Dynamics CRM, but usually it’s always about the end user items, or things we can see and use.  However, there are some behind the scenes improvements worth talking about. 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM infrastructure team has been working hard.  They’ve had 9 releases of Dynamics CRM in the past 15 months and have been doing even more lately to improve Dynamics CRM performance and providing the administrator some great new tools.  

Dynamics CRM Performance Improvements:
• Microsoft Property Front Door is now used to solve DNS delays and minimizes interruptions, which means less waiting time for you.
• Microsoft EDGE is being rolled out– up to a 25% performance gain, so a faster system.

• Turbo forms will utilize pre-rendering to provide lightning-fast load times

• New performance dashboard and logs to monitor areas with performance issues – looks for long running queries, suggests improvements, and allows you to optimize – seeing performance improvements.

Tools for Dynamics CRM Administrators:
• Multi-Geo Tenants – used for multi-national companies that use a single O365 login to manage authentication and billing.
• Certifications and enhanced security to protect your data across all communication channels

• On-demand backup and restore
• Ability to perform one data backup to online and if you use Azure, you will be able to perform multiple backups.

• Customer driven  updates, now you have to schedule and approve the timing for your updates

• Upgrade assistance – online customers will be able to request a preview instance (sandbox) of Dynamics CRM to test their upgrades.

Even if you’re not an IT Administrator, we can tell Microsoft has been investing a lot of time and resources in making Dynamics CRM best of class.  End user improvements are only as good as the platform behind them.  If you want more information on Dynamics CRM, please contact Crestwood Associates at

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