Microsoft Cortana - Meet the new Digital Assistant for Windows 10

Posted by Ben Kaplan on September 17, 2015

Cortana doesn't just respond. Cortana anticipates your needs.

Born in the popular Halo X-Box video game (Cortana was an artificial intelligence character in Halo), Microsoft has transformed fiction to reality with the Cortana digital assistant available on Windows 10 and Windows Phones (eventually on iPhone and Android as well.)

Cortana has been pegged as Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Siri, but Cortana was designed to provide much more than directions to the movie theater or the recipe for your favorite casserole.  Where Siri is reactive to a question, Cortana was designed to anticipate your needs

Personalized suggestions based on your routine and interests 

Microsoft has invested heavily on research and development to make Cortana anticipate a user’s next question, a technology known as “machine learning.” Based on the daily routine or actions of a user, Cortana will make suggestions to help a user complete their task more efficiently

For example, Cortana can suggest news or other content for you to read based on your web activity, provide directions to a client meeting, or update Microsoft CRM with an appointment. 

Future integration into other Microsoft programs planned

Remember Clippy in Microsoft Word? Well Cortana is going to be the modern, more helpful Microsoft Assistant!

Eventually, Microsoft hopes to have Cortana sift through your other Microsoft programs such as Excel and Microsoft Word, to pull up data as needed. The goal is for Cortana to learn what information you access or share frequently in order to make your work day more efficient

Developers & programmers: Cortana Analytics Suite coming soon

IT staffers, Microsoft has something for you too. Microsoft is working on a Cortana Analytics Suite, which will bring the same machine learning interface into application development. Programmers will be able access predictive analytics when developing their own applications. More details about the Cortana Analytics Suite are expected to be released later this year.

With Microsoft’s focusing their sights on improving a user’s productivity, you will surely find Cortana popping up in more applications and programs. 

Cortana & Dynamics CRM - Keep your meetings on track 

Here’s a short, fun video demonstrating how Cortana and Dynamics CRM can save your sales meeting and keep you on track, no matter what kind of phone you use.

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