Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick Tip: Navigate Directly to a View (Skip the Clicks)!

Posted by Donna Krizik on May 24, 2013

A common complaint against Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been that it is very “clicky”.  You need to drill into several windows to get where you want to go.  This can often be the case with very robust software like Dynamics CRM.  All that functionality comes at a cost:  lots of windows, options, and paths.  Well don’t lose hope, there are ways to flatten out that user interface and get where you want quickly. Here is one of my favorites.  I use our Case window a LOT.  I monitor the open cases, check caseload, progress, high priorities, resolutions, etc.  To get there through CRM, I click

  1. Navigate to any grid and select the view you want.
  2. On the main tab for the record type (e.g., Cases), click the “Copy a Link” drop-down, and select Of Current View. (Click Allow Access if necessary.)
  3. Then open a new browser window or tab, and paste the link into the address bar. You’ll see something like this:


  1. Since this link is really designed to be e-mailed, you need to clean it up a little before clicking browsing to it. Just delete everything except for the actual URL. In our example, you would delete everything before the https, and delete the “>” at the very end of the URL.

  1. Now click enter and voila, you are on your page view. Save that as a favorite and your quick tip is complete!
  2. PS, don’t forget that F5 is your quick ‘refresh’ key, so that you are always looking at up-to-date information in this view!

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