Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1.1 Now Available

Posted by Jen Bieker on September 15, 2015

Microsoft has released update 1.1 for Dynamics CRM 2015. The update includes resolving some significant bugs for Outlook & Workflows as well as some key new features.

Download this update from Microsoft

Outlook Fixes | Workflow Fixes | New Platforms

Outlook Fixes:

  • Outlook Launching - fixed errors launching Outlook when items are tracked in a non-default Outlook store.
  • Online Access - If offline, the Outlook client keeps trying to go online every fifteen minutes.
  • Reply All Option - If an email contains an unresolved address in the CC line, the “reply all” option does not work.
  • Changed Passwords & Caching - If network password is changed, but it was cached, the Outlook client stops working.
  • Integrated authentication - resolved issue of integrated authentication in a federated environment fails with the CRM Outlook client.

Workflow Fixes:

  • CultureInfo Field Blank - If the field CultureInfo is null, the workflow condition step evaluation will throw an exception.
  • Invoice Workflow Processes - Multiple workflow processes are created when the invoice form is updated, even if no changes are made.
  • Workflow Clearing - Workflow is clearing the body/description of an email on an update step.
  • Time out issues - with publishing and async jobs.

New Platforms - Dynamics CRM 2015 Online will now support:

Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Android 5.0


More new functionality & fixes:

  • Daylight savings time for Egypt.
  • Fixed: Duplication of records if exporting more than 5,000 records.
  • Fixed: Exporting to Excel Error when trying to generate the file.
  • Fixed: Subgrids in a Quick View form do not work properly.


Here is a complete list of Issues Fixed and Enhancements for this update.

Download this update from Microsoft

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