Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs. On-Premise Features

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 16, 2016

Last week, I got frustrated with trying to find if a specific feature was available for an on-premise instance of Dynamics CRM.  After too much time searching the web, I finally sent an email.  I waited 3 days only to receive a question to my question.  What didn’t they understand?  I just need to know if that feature is available for on-premise instances as well as online.  So, I responded and then waited another 48 hours only to get a roundabout answer of NO.

Has this ever happened to you?  

Which Features in Dynamics CRM are Available for Me:

With so many products having hosting options, on-premise, in the cloud, etc., there’s a lot more options to keep track of.  It’s become increasingly confusing for consumers to see and hear about all these great new features Microsoft is rolling out for Dynamics CRM, only to find out they are available online only, and you have Dynamics CRM on-premise.

Finally, we got some help.  Microsoft recently released a comparison of features FAQ - such as: 

  • Excel Templates are available in both systems
  • OneNote is CRM Online Only
  • OneDrive is CRM Online Only
  • SharePoint is supported in both
  • Export data to Excel from CRM for phones and tablets is in both

Here's the list, laid out nicely; online vs. on-premise:  indicating features in every area from Administration, Customization, Mobile, Service, SDK, and Office integration

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