Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Play the Sales Game

Posted by Jen Bieker on August 4, 2015

As consultants, we’ve heard from more than one customer about the pains of user adoption.  Maybe you’ve experienced that?  Let’s face it, sales people have the personality to sell, but not always the patience for data entry. 

Dynamics CRM user adoption is a concern for many of us, even us here at Crestwood, but don’t tell my boss I told you that.  Well it appears that Microsoft was listening.  On August 3, 2015, Microsoft announced they have acquired FantasySalesTeam, a game similar to fantasy sports, to make selling and entering information into Dynamics CRM a fun, competitive and hopefully rewarding experience. 

The product allows organizations to assign “player” positions to sales reps based on performance, and then award prizes associated with various outcomes tied to the company’s desired sales metrics and achievements. These scores are then recorded in the business’s Dynamics CRM system with seamless, out-of-the box integrations.

FantasySalesTeam also allows companies to draft non-sales employees to their teams, including managers, service, operations, marketing and finance staff, to increase company-wide collaboration.

Case studies have proven this friendly competition works.

  • Service Corporation International tried the software with 130 reps and compared their performance to 700 others. FanstasySalesTeam on average closed 88% more deals at 213% the average contract value.
  • Wireless Zone, meanwhile, saw a 176% increase in total sales, 35% increase in specific product sales and a 9% increase in profit in the first month they ran FantasySalesTeam.

From those statistics, it doesn’t sound like you can lose.  Check out the “How It Works” game board.  Be the first to have FantasySalesTeam for your Dynamics CRM system. 

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