Having trouble using prepayments in Dynamics GP 2013? Check to see if PA, AA, or MDA are in use!

Posted by Donna Krizik on June 25, 2013

You might be very excited about the Prepayments on PO's feature in Dynamics 2013 (I know we were).  And if you are having any trouble, this information may help you.  While Dynamics GP 2013 gives you the ability to enter Prepayments on a Purchase Order, it is not available if you are using Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting, or Multi-Dimensional Analysis. If you have any of those products installed, the fields to set up prepayments in Purchase Order Processing Setup are greyed out and you cannot access them.

This is not apparent in the Fabrikam test company – you only see it in a regular GP company.

You can go to Tools > Setup > System > Registration and uncheck the boxes for Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting, and Multi-Dimensional Analysis if you are not using those modules, and you will be able to use the Prepayment feature.

Unfortunately, if you are using any of those modules, you won’t be able to use the Purchase Order Prepayments feature.  Good opportunity to provide Microsoft with some product feedback! But the bottom line is this is a fantastic feature that you should be using.

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Contributed by:  Georgia Stewart, Senior GP Consultant

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