Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 Released

Posted by Donna Krizik on August 29, 2013

Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 today. Microsoft has added some new features for Dynamics GP 2013 in SP2 that are based on customer feedback. 

For GP 2010 Customers
Service Pack 4 for GP 2010 will release mid-September and, according to Terry Heley, Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, this will be the last Service Pack for GP 2010, the big patch for 2010 outside of the continued tax and year end updates, which will continue through the year and into early 2014.

Crestwood strongly recommends that all payroll clients install these updates sooner rather than later, because come November, you are going to get them anyway with the Payroll YE, so it just makes sense to start testing and getting familiar with them.  

For GP 10.0 Customers
As you know, GP 10.0 is no longer under mainstream support, which means you won’t get tax updates, year-end updates, or service packs. And be assured that there will be changes for year-end, and if you are on version 10.0, you won’t get them.  You should start thinking about upgrading, or what you might be able to do to get by, well in advance.

GP Service Pack 2 New Modules
With this release, there are some additional GP 2013 Web Client modules available:
New Web Client Modules:
•        Field Service
•        Service Call Management
•        Depot Management
•        Preventative Maintenance
•        Project Accounting
•        Manufacturing
•        Bill of Materials
•        Manufacturing Order Processing
•        Master Production Scheduling
•        MRP
•        Manufacturing Suite
•        Fixed Assets Enhancements
•        Bank Activity Statements (BAS)
•        Payment Document Management (PDM)

New Web Client Only Features:
•        VS Tools for Web Client V1
•        Keyboard Shortcut enhancements
•        Change single machine configuration to support both the Web Client
          web site and runtime service using the same port
•        Add styling to ribbon to show focus
•        Web client messaging retry/refresh;
         Client Side error handling / notification improvements
•        Better scrollbars for standard reports 

New Desktop & Web Client Features:
•        GL - Roll down changes to Account Segment Description
•        Reconcile checkbook without marking transactions
•        Cash Receipts Inquiry display checkbook ID
•        Customer Combiner & Modifier
•        Vendor Combiner & Modifier
•        Payables Void Enhancements
•        AA Finance Charge assessment
•        AA and Sales order deposits
•        Payroll Inquiry Check Date Sort Options
•        Applicant E-mail in HR
•        Doc Attach 2.0:
•        Document Flow
•        Status Tracking
•        Delete Password
•        Attachment Properties
•        Attachment Email
•        Delete Utility
•        SmartList Splitter
•        SmartList Designer

How to Download the Service Packs:
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Product Download Page
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack Page
Install Guide 

Have questions?  Contact Crestwood at 847-394-8820 ext. 7 or and we will be happy to assist you.

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