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Posted by Jen Bieker on May 5, 2016

Attach Word Templates to Batch-Related Workflows

Wouldn’t it be great to get detailed journal entry information in an email message when approving batches?  In previous versions of Dynamics GP, email notifications for Batch approvals could be set up and sent through the workflow process, but were missing all the details. 

Now, in Dynamics GP 2016, this new feature will allow a Word template to be attached to the batch approval email notifications.  It’s these templates that will include details from the batch edit list (GL, RM, and PM batches).  Since everything is included in the email, approvers will have a complete view of the batch and all the details, even if they are not logged into Dynamics GP.

Here’s the list of the new templates in Dynamics GP 2016:


  • General Posting Edit List Template
  • Multicurrency General Posting Edit List Template
  • Budget Trx Edit List
  • Clearing Edit List
  • Multicurrency Clearing Edit List


  • RM Sales Posting Journal Template
  • MC RM Transaction Posting Journal Template
  • RM Cash Posting Journal
  • MC Cash Receipts Posting Journal


  • Computer Checks Posting Journal Template
  • Manual Payments Posting Journal Template
  • MC Computer Checks Posting Journal Template
  • MC Manual Payments Posting Journal Template
  • PM Transaction Posting Journal Template
  • MC PM Transaction Posting Journal Template

Enabling templates and general setup:

In the Template Configuration Manager window, Administration / Reports / Template Configuration, you must check the box for “Enable Report Templates” at the bottom of the window, shown in the screen shot above. 

Next, you must also add in the checkmark to “Include Word Templates” in the workflow maintenance area.  Go to, Administration / Setup / Company / Workflow / Workflow Maintenance and add the checkmark at the bottom of the screen for each workflow and step.

Note:  This option is only available for GL Batch Approval, Payables Batch Approval, and Receivables Batch Approval workflow types.

Template Example:

Once you are done, test out the batch approval process.  You should receive an email with the template attached.  Here’s an example of the General Edit List template.  It lists all the transactions in the batch to be approved.

Miscellaneous information:

  • This new checkbox is only enabled if the Send Message checkbox above it is marked.
  • This new checkbox is only enabled if Enable Report Templates is marked in the Template Configuration window.
  • This new checkbox will only send the word template documents for Workflow Assignment type messages.
  • All Word Template documents will be sent as attachments (in .docx format) to the workflow assignment message. 

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