Microsoft Dynamics GP: Mass Modify - Quickly Create New GL Accounts

Posted by Misty Galbreth, Support Analyst on March 4, 2016

Many times, a company will open a new division or department as their business grows.  When that occurs, the Accounting or Finance department will need to create all new General Ledger Accounts for that new division or department.  This can seem like a huge headache and lots of work, but by using Microsoft Dynamic GP’s Mass Modify feature, it can be a snap!

To use the Mass Modify feature, simply follow these instructions:

Navigate to Financial Module > Cards > Mass modify.  The following window will open:

You can perform multiple changes here, but today we want to Copy accounts, so choose Copy from the Modify field dropdown. 

Choose whether you want your account descriptions to come from the existing accounts or from the segment.  If you do not have your segments named, it would be better to use the existing account descriptions. 

Now you must choose the range that you wish to copy from.  In my test, my first segment is a division number.  I’m going to add a new division of 010, and already have division 000 that exists.

I’ll enter my first GL to copy in the From field and the last GL number in the To field.  I entered the very lowest GL it could be and the highest GL it could be, even though 000-0001-00 or 000-9999-00 do not actually exist in my system.  This will ensure all GLs are copied.  You can narrow the range, if you don’t want to copy all GLs.  You can click the Display: Selected Range radio button to see the accounts that will copy.

Finally, in the New Account mask field, enter the new division only, leaving question marks for the existing information.  Here is what my Mass modify window looks like before I create the new accounts for Division 010:

All I have to do now is click the Modify button in the bottom right hand corner of the window and all the GLs will be created.  You can then verify your GLs have been created in one of two ways.  1) Stay in the Mass Modify window and enter the range of the new GLs.  You can see in my example that new GLs have been created for Division 010:

Alternatively, you could go into SmartList, and go to Financial > Accounts, and run a SmartList for your new segment.  The SmartList also shows those GLs have been created:

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