Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Batches will not Post

Posted by Georgia Stewart on September 8, 2016

Question:  Help, the Sales Order Invoice Batch will not post one of (or many) invoices.  What’s the problem and what do I do?

Answer:  Sometimes, there is an issue with the batch where there are no accounts on an item when you try and post a sales transaction.  Here’s how to fix it.

  1. Open the Sales Batch Entry window (Sales area page > Transactions section > Sales Batches).
  2. Select the Sales Batch and click the Print button.

  3. Choose to print the Edit List for the batch.

    In this example, the Edit List shows 2 invoices and both have the same error message: 
    One or more line items contain warnings or errors
    Distribution account(s) are missing or invalid
  4. Next, open the invoices in Sales Transaction Entry (Sales Area Page > Transactions Section > Sales Transaction Entry).
  5. Highlight the item that has the error on the Edit list and click the blue arrow in the column header to open the Sales Item Detail Entry window.
  6. Click the Distribution button. In this example there are no GL accounts associated with the line item.

  7. To correct the problem, enter a minimum of the Inventory, Cost of Sales, and Sales accounts in the Sales Line Item Distribution window. Click the OK button.
  8. You will now get a message asking if you want to update the Sales Distributions. Click Yes, or OK.
  9. After correcting both invoices shown in the edit list, you should be able to post the batch.

    To prevent this happening in the future, add the accounts to the item in Item Maintenance (Cards > Inventory > Item – select the item that had the problem in the Sales Transaction Edit List and click the Accounts button).

    You should always have a minimum of the Inventory, Cost of Sales, and Sales accounts added for each item, but it is best if you also have the Markdowns and Returns accounts as well.


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