Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips: Toolbar Options and Required Field Color

Posted by Jen Bieker on February 15, 2016

Toolbar Options:

Recently, a client of ours upgraded from an older version of Dynamics GP. One of the big, and sometimes confusing difference for end users, is the new toolbar. Even though the new improved toolbar, called the ‘Action Pane’ is much easier to read and highlights great features, if you’re used to the old style of toolbar, this can be frustrating at first when learning a new version.

Now, in Dynamics GP 2013 and up, users can opt to have the old style of toolbar to work with. This setting, and others, are found within the User Preferences window.


How to Switch the Toolbar:

1. To access your User Preferences, select Tips > Setup > Preferences.  

2. Find the ‘Window Command Display’
3. Select which option you want to use:

  • Action Pane

  • Action Pane Strip

  • Menu Bar (Older Version Toolbar)

4. Then click on the OK button at the bottom.

Setting Colors for Required and Link Field Labels:

Another feature users might want to adjust are the colors of text associated with fields in Dynamics GP when data is required or a hyperlink to something.  You can find these settings under the Display button in the User Preferences window.

1. Click on the Display button.
2. The Link Fields sections allows the user to change the Font Color and Font Style of a hyperlink within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It is the norm to identify a hyperlink as blue and underlined.  However, GP does allow this to be changed, if needed.
3. The Required Fields section allows the user to edit how required fields are displayed.  Just as with the Link Fields section, within the Required Fields portion, the user can adjust the Font Color and Font Style for required fields.  Typically, these are set up as red and bold.

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