Microsoft Dynamics GP Vendor Payments:
EFT vs. Printing Checks

Posted by Donna Krizik on December 11, 2015

When paying vendors within Microsoft Dynamics GP, follow this rule to ensure to that EFT vendors don’t accidentally receive a printed check.

Do you use both EFT and printed check formats to pay vendors?  If so, this helpful tip can prevent errors. 

EFT Batch Tip:

  1. Run the EFT payment batch in Dynamics GP first, so that all EFT vendors are paid
  2. Second, run the check batch to pay the remaining vendors.      


The logic behind this simple tip is that vendors who are set up to receive an EFT can be paid a check when needed and will also be included in a check batch if selected.

Running the EFT payment batch first will prevent EFT vendors from receiving a printed check.

Note:  Make sure you’ve selected the correct Payment Method in the Payables Batch Entry screen.

Do you have questions about vendor payments in Dynamics GP?  Contact our support team at for more information.

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