Microsoft Dynamics SL 2016 Year-End Tips, Tricks and Resources

Posted by Jen Bieker on December 29, 2016

We recently held a Dynamics SL Year-End webinar.  Hopefully, you were able to join us. But if not, here are some highlights, helpful tips & tricks, important information, and a link to view the recording.

No Year-end Updates for 2016!

As of December 19, 2016 there are no year-end updates for Dynamics SL.  There were no changes made by the federal government to the 2016 tax year regulations that pertain to the year-end forms or electronic files provided by Dynamics SL.  Read the full announcement on Microsoft CustomerSource.  

Maybe you want to check if you’re missing other updates?  One of the tricks we learned during the webinar was how to quickly and easily check for updates and hotfixes right within Dynamics SL by using the Role Center. 

Dynamics SL Role Center

You can always check for updates and hotfixes within Dynamics SL 2011 or 2015 in the “Role Center”.  By going to the Role Center, there are links to the newest information in Microsoft Customer Source.

It’s easy to set up.  Just go to:  Administration > System Manager > Security > Access Rights Maintenance.  In here, go to the role center tab and you can setup the rights.

Items Not to Miss When Closing 2016 in Dynamics SL

Kami, a senior consultant at Crestwood, went over a lot of great information during our year-end webinar.  Here’s a 5-minute clip from the webinar with a quick checklist of items not to miss in:

  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payables (AP)
  • Project Controller

Microsoft Closing Documentation & Checklists

More Information

View the full, hour-long recording of our Dynamics SL Year-end Webinar.  Just enter your name and email, and the link will take you to view the session.  

Crestwood Dynamics SL Support

Crestwood also has an excellent Microsoft Dynamics SL support team.  If you have questions, or need a little assistance, just send us an email at

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